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Looking to boost your team’s productivity, self-esteem, and professional growth? Our corporate training programs are tailored to meet your business needs. As a leading corporate training company in Dubai, we specialize in providing high-quality training solutions. We also offer comprehensive corporate trainer certification programs and corporate training courses in Saudi Arabia, as well as other locations in the UAE.

At our training institute in Dubai, we deliver exceptional corporate training that drives results. Our programs are designed with customization in mind, ensuring they align perfectly with your business objectives. By enrolling in our corporate trainer course, your team members can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their industries.

What sets us apart is our team of experienced instructors and corporate trainers, with an average tenure of 10 years in the training Industry. They possess the expertise to deliver top-quality training and create an exceptional learning experience. Whether you prefer face-to-face sessions or virtual instructor-led training, we offer flexible options to accommodate both groups and individuals.

Rest assured, all our training programs and certification courses hold esteemed licenses from KHDA guaranteeing their credibility and value. You can trust us to provide training that adheres to the highest standards and meets your organization’s requirements.

Join us today and experience the transformative power of our corporate training programs. 

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iS Future Career Approach to your Custom Corporate Training

When you inquire about specific training, we follow a comprehensive 5-step corporate training process in Dubai:

Identifying the Training Objective:

Determining the training objectives is crucial as it sets the direction for the entire learning program. We will engage in a detailed discussion of your requirements over a call or in person to identify the training objective.

Customizing the Course:

To meet your company's objectives, you have the flexibility to customize the course. We can arrange a consultation with our trainer, either at your premises or through a call. Our trainer will explain the course details and training to the relevant individuals within your company. Once we receive the go-ahead response, we will proceed to the next step.

Customizing Course Modules:
To tailor the course modules, our trainer will:
- Conduct a general pre-assessment online test to gauge the participants' existing knowledge.
- Gather comprehensive information about the participants and their profiles.

Choosing a Training Delivery Mode:

Once you have determined the training location, you can select the preferred training delivery mode. We offer training through two options:
- Classroom-based training
- Online training

Selecting a Training Venue

You have the flexibility to choose the training venue, which can be:
- IS Future Career’s premises
- Your company's premises
- A 3-star/4-star/5-star hotel

Implementing the Training Plan:

On the proposed date and at the chosen venue, our trainer will deliver the training. We create a dynamic learning environment that encourages participation through role-playing and interactive games to keep the trainees engaged.

Training Evaluation (Post-Assessment):

To assess the effectiveness of the training, we conduct a post-assessment test. This evaluation helps determine if the training goals and objectives have been achieved. We also gather feedback from the participants to continuously improve our training programs.

Issuing Course Completion Certificates:

Upon successful completion of the course, we provide participants with a course completion certificate, authorized by the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)

Experience our unique approach to corporate training and witness the positive impact it can have on your organization.

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