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Grades 6-10
Across Major Boards: CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB
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Transforming Math into Your Favorite Subject: Learn Stress-Free on the Go! Discover methods that make math easy and enjoyable. No more stress, just success!

Meet Shivam Vats :
Math Maverick

Hello! I’m Shivam aka Maverick, your guide to conquering math challenges and becoming a Is future achiever. I’ve always had a natural affinity for numbers and mathematics! My passion for math became evident during my high school years and has seamlessly intertwined with my engineering and automation career. Having clinched the title of CBSE’s topper in 2006, it’s safe to say that I’m a math whiz. For over a decade now, I’ve been wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding students on a mathematical journey. I take pride in simplifying math concepts, transforming them into an easy breeze for learners across CBSE, ICSE, and state boards.  I understand the hurdles students face and I'm here to help you overcome them in the most engaging way possible.

What Sets Me Apart:

1. Sparking Interest: Say goodbye to boredom! I incorporate games and activities to make learning

2. Personalized Journey: Your learning pace matters. I adapt to your speed and preferences,
ensuring you grasp each concept before moving on. (second)

3. Simplified Approach: I break down complex concepts into bite-sized, understandable chunks.

4. Interactive Learning: I use interactive methods, visuals, and real-world examples to clarify ideas.

5. Building Confidence: Together, we’ll tackle math anxiety through positive reinforcement and

What I Offer:

Concept Clarity: I make sure you truly understand the “whys” and “hows” of math.

Problem-Solving Strategies: Master techniques to approach different problem types effectively.

Anxiety Management: We’ll create a comfortable space to boost your confidence and reduce stress.

Engaging Lessons: Get ready for interactive sessions that keep you captivated.

Tailored Learning: Your learning journey is unique. I tailor sessions to your learning style and pace.